Who We Are

Who We Are

North-East Family Office is a global multi-family office founded in 2013. In order to be full-service providers, we have grown to cover a wide range of specialist fields. We are headquartered in Hellerup, just north of Copenhagen in Denmark and we also have offices in Singapore. Our families reside on several continents and our work and internationally focused activities require a global presence.

Together with our families, we set a direction and we help them fulfil their wishes, dreams and potential while creating a continuous positive impact in an ever-changing world.

How we work

North-East is a full-service provider to our families and has grown to cover a wide variety of specialist areas in order to be able to deliver world class service regardless of the request.

Purpose and values

We set a direction together with our families and help them fulfil their wishes, dreams and potential.


North-East Family Office was established in 2013 in Copenhagen by Winnie Liljeborg and Per Algot Enevoldsen, the founders of the global jewelry brand, Pandora.


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