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Cyber Security

In an increasingly digital society we become more vulnerable to cyber threats ranging from fraud, extortion, and espionage to cyber-enabled physical threats.

Across North-East, we execute a Zero Trust security and cloud only strategy based on Microsoft 365 Enterprise to mitigate and combat cyber threats. Instead of assuming everything behind the corporate firewall is safe, our Zero Trust model assumes breach and verifies each request as though it originates from an open network. In other words, “we never trust, we always verify.”

According to industry experts, cybercriminals usually target entities dealing with large sums of money that are perceived as having insufficient cyber security maturity. As such, family offices potentially represent attractive targets. It is however at the core of what we do to deliver Peace of Mind to our families. Thus, a modern and up-to-date cyber security approach is the only option.

Our approach is always real time, automated and AI driven, using the latest security technologies.

We combat cyber threats across five categories:

  • Identity and access management
  • Information protection
  • Threat protection
  • Security management
  • Infrastructure security

To document our effort, we apply Microsoft’s Secure Score and other best practice security baselines. To compare, organizations with the same license or same size as North-East score an average of less than 50 percent. Our score is 95+ percent.

Through our approach of constantly monitoring and applying the latest technological developments we ensure that the frequent cyber-attacks across various categories are prevented from impacting our business and our families.

Personal Strategies

It is a common, human experience to be able – at least in retrospect – to identify turning points in life. Situations, where your life took a new direction and fundamental priorities shifted. These turning points are just as often the result of an inner resolve as of external circumstances. At North-East we work together with our families to develop personal strategies to navigate these turning points and ensure that the goals and dreams of our families become real.

My North-East

We have developed and maintain a unique reporting and analysis platform, My North-East. The platform delivers timely data-driven insight to our families and for our internal decision-making. My North-East includes all relevant data sources and provides an unmatched level of detail ranging from investments to philanthropy.

Asset Management

North-East Family Office Asset Management was founded in 2017 and handles North-East’s investments and, potentially, a nearly endless variety of investments, depending on the preferences of each family.


Investments in healthcare are of strategic importance to us. At North-East we believe that the healthcare sector is tremendously promising as many significant, structural changes in the world influence the demand for healthcare products and services and will continue to do so in the decades to come.

Digital Technology

Digital technology is a strategic investment area at North-East. We strive to put digital at the core of our business operations wherever it makes sense, and to us, running a business in the digital age means using digital capabilities both to improve the outcome for our families and to increase operational agility.

Philanthropy Toolbox

In accordance with the priorities of our families, North-East is committed to breaking new ground within the realm of philanthropy. It is essential to our purpose of helping our families fulfil their potential and support their ambition to lead meaningful lives. We have a holistic approach to deploying resources and capital, and we design interventions and partnerships that best address the issues which matter to our families.

Private Organizations

Our families reside all over the world and often it is preferable to have a private organization nearby, working closely with both the family and North-East on a daily basis. The private organizations might be established previously or founded on our initiative and working seamlessly together with North-East.

Private Equity​

North-East Private Equity is a Singapore-based company whose major investors are the owners of the North-East Family Office. The company was established in 2015 in recognition of the significant growth- and investment potential in Southeast Asia.

Corporate Services

To fulfil the wishes of our families and deliver bespoke solutions, North-East operates and acts within a wide variety of corporate and organizational structures. Because, to put it colloquially, you cannot buy a package deal at North-East.


North-East is committed to creating a continuous positive impact in an ever-changing world. This commitment requires us to embrace sustainability as a cornerstone of all our activities. The quest to discover the far-reaching potential impact, both positive and negative, of an entity such as North-East is a source of inspiration as we strive to develop the necessary prerequisites, in terms of frameworks and structures, for an efficient, timely and proactive approach to this complicated area.


North-East has a strong focus on venture investments. Within the trends and transformations that North-East and the families have identified as strategic they are expected to contribute significantly to the portfolios' returns and at the same time serve as a window to the future.